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Closets are the often-forgotten heavy hitters of the home, providing storage, organization, and style.

Keep Everything in its Place with Beautiful, Functional Closets

Whether it’s a hallway closet, a bedroom closet, or a utility closet, every closet in your home has a specific function and can be designed to be pleasing to the eye and keep items organized and easy to access while saving on space. The right closet design can make your daily routine feel easier and more streamlined because it is simple to put items in their place every time. 

Closets are more than just functional, they can also add to the aesthetic of any space. Depending on the closet doors you choose, they can make your space look sleek and modern, charming and rustic, or anything else to suit your personal home style.

HOH sells brands that are known for quality craftsmanship and durability. We carry a wide selection of closets in different styles, finishes, and price levels. Whatever your style and budget, you will find what you want at HOH. 

Closets Gallery

Want to see what our designers could do for your closets? See the gallery below for examples of closets in HOH-designed spaces.

Pacific White

Pacific Fossil

Hanging, White

Floor-mounted, Chocolate

Designer Portfolios

Our designers love creating spaces that bring your dreams to life. With HOH, you get access to your designers throughout the entire process, from the initial planning all the way through installation. We provide our clients with exceptional customer service, including coming to your home to measure your space and plan your design.